Three Tree Garden Planter

Three Tree Garden Planter

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These three planters were carefully designed to incorporate 3 mature trees and create a planted border for them. The 45° angled BlocX provided the perfect shape to incorporate the trees whilst adding some rectilinear shapes to curve the garden.

If you need a bespoke design that is, for example, curved or unique to your garden as we have acheived with this customer's design then try our free bespoke design service. Our architects at WoodBlocX offer a professional and personalised service by drawing up and pricing your unique design with ease. You can also send us a quick sketch via email or give us a call to discuss your design concepts with one of our team members.

You can get in contact with WoodBlocX by calling 0800 389 1420 or by sending us an email to [email protected]

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Curved Corner Border Planter with Seating

Schmales Hochbeet mit Gartenbank und Ecke

Large L-Shaped Bed with Seating

Gartenbank L-Form mit Hochbeet

Zusätzliche Information

Zusätzliche Information

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